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Unlock German I - Learn how to introduce yourself in German

Unlock German I

Wer bist du? Wie heißt du? Woher kommst du?

What if you could master your first small talk conversation in German? And what if you understood how to create your first phrases by putting words you already know into the right order? Within this introductory on demand course, you will learn how to answer your first questions and how to create simple sentences in German. Ready to go? 🙂

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10 Steps to Your First Smalltalk

10 Steps to Your First Smalltalk

Learn your first 10 verbs you need in order to have your first smalltalk conversation in German. This e-book lets you study systematically: learn the right conjugation, frequent sentences and practice with interactive exercises and making notes. Go through the exercises as often as you need until you feel safe enough to use them by writing your own sentences. You have the option to check the solutions at the end of the e-book or write me an e-mail to receive feedback. Viel Spaß!