I’m a beginner

Start today.

Learning German is not easy, in fact, I have to admit, it is quite challenging. The most important thing: you have to start. Somewhere. Today. And soon it is going to be easier and easier… leichter und leichter 🙂

So, how can I help you?

Start learning on this blog

Find all blog posts here which are suited for beginners and advanced beginners of learning German.


Start with your first 10 verbs

Check out the E-Book 10 steps to your first smalltalk. More to follow soon.


Don’t do it alone.

**Coming soon!**

Ask questions, receive answers, give tips

Learning a new language by yourself is not only more challenging, it will also get increasingly boring over time. Find learning buddies, people who already know the language you can practice with and people who learn the language like you do to study together.

We can support you in that: Join the Zeit Community!

Zeit Community for beginners is a group that works like a social network for people who start learning German. In this community you get your very own profile, can share tips and your experiences for learning German, ask questions, give and receive answers.

**Coming soon!**

A Special for Community Members

As a community member you have access to more blog articles that can help you improving your German.

**Coming soon!**

Also, worauf wartest du? So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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