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Kerstin is originally from a town in northern Austriaa one-hour-drive from Salzburg. For her studies in linguistics with a specialization in teaching foreign languages she moved to Vienna. While studying, she started teaching German in 2011 at Deutschakademie Wien and Volkshochschule Wien. In 2013, she moved to Berlin to specialize in online learning and teaching languages through storytelling and videos. She founded the non-profit organization tabadul to support native speakers of Arabic to find their approach to learning German. For the past years, she has been blogging in English about how to understand the German grammar as fast as possible on this website: “Zeit für mein Deutsch”.

Kerstin is happy to support you in your language learning journey: depending on your schedule, you have 2 choices:

  •  Live Coaching where Kerstin evaluates your current skills and focuses on your individual needs. It takes place online, which means you can stay in your cozy place or have a coffee outside and just connect with Kerstin through a video call.
  • Grammar Courses On-Demand, which give you maximum flexibility in practicing your grammar skills with interactive exercises whenever you want.

Kerstin is a great german teacher who cares a lot about her students and always pushed us to do German exercises beyondwhat we thought we were capable of. She even providedopportunities for us to meet up and practice German monthsafter the class was over.


I was a student of Kerstin's during my 1-month intensive German course at Deutsch Academy Wien. As well as being a fantastic trainer who creatively generates discussion and techniques to familiarise difficult material Kerstin also integrates important aspects of German speaking culture into her classes. She also makes an admirable effort to provide her students with social events and meetings in which to practice their new language skills.


Live Coaching with Kerstin

Live Coaching with Kerstin

In her coaching sessions, Kerstin can focus on your individual needs. She takes time to elaborate your current skills in German and your needs to improve as effectively as possible. Learn more about Kerstin’s approach from her students.

Online Courses by Kerstin

Online Courses by Kerstin

You need to practice your German skills and would like to do that at your own time? Just take one of the online courses with video explanations, many exercises and a focus on the most used phrases to prepare you for real-life situations. Learn more about Kerstin’s online courses from her students.

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